What is Trauma Informed Yoga?



Why TIY?

TIY recognizes that stress, anxiety, trauma reactions, and other causes of dis-ease are not character flaws, but the physical reaction patterns the brain and body have integrated and reinforced over time. The goal of TIY is to unlearn those patterns.  TIY will teach you the techniques to become aware and regain control of your body and nervous system. 


Who can use TIY?

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you react in big ways to minor triggers? Do you struggle with anxiety, worry, fear, or irritability? Do you ever freeze up in response to stress, run away, or try to fight? Do find yourself turning to the same unhealthy patters again and again (anger, avoidance, addictive behaviors, lashing out) in response to stress? Do you struggle with specific anxieties such as public speaking, test taking, or social interactions? Are you interested in  learning how to go from reaction to right action and improve your quality of life, relationships, and daily functioning? If so, TIY is for you!


What to expect.

First, reserve your individual session by following the link on the Services page. Within 24 to 48 hours of your first scheduled class, you will receive a questionnaire via email to complete and return, ideally before your class. This questionnaire will assist in customizing your session to meet your goals and expectations. On the day of class, wear comfortable clothing and show up to i'mindful STUDIO located at 1501 SE Walton Blvd. Suite 203 .Bentonville, AR 72712 (take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd level above Bizzy B's Bakery). I'mindful is a bare foot studio, so you will remove your shoes at the front door. The studio is equipped with mats, bolsters, blocks, and cushions for your use and comfort. You can also bring your own mat and props. Class time will be spent practicing poses, breath work, awareness, and other techniques designed uniquely to help you meet your goals. 4 to 8 classes is recommended to fully incorporate techniques and materials into daily life. This is only a recommendation, and we are happy to accommodate individual needs. At the end of every class, you will be given printed materials of the skills you have learned, a tracking log, and an assignment and goal for practice until the next session. Between classes, you will practice your new skills and start to regain a sense of calm and right action! Book another class for 1 to 2 weeks later, and repeat!